Orlando Dye Foundation NFP

The purpose of this non-profit organization is to help veterans find community housing, food, transportation and clothing for disabled and economically challenged veterans.

Who is Orlando Dye?

THE MAN   Orlando Dye was an African American male who was born to serve others.  Born and raised in Gaston, Alabama, as a child he recognized his greatest gift was to help others in need.  As a young man he moved to Chicago, Illinois and attended DuSable High School on the south side.  Mr. Dye realized he could be of great assistance to mankind by joining the armed forces and decided to enlist in the U.S. Air Force.  He served his 4 years and learned a great deal from his superiors and fellow servicemen.

Afterwards, he decided to utilize his handyman, mentoring and first response skills by volunteering at the Jesse Brown Veterans Hospital on a regular basis.  He would assist anyone who needed help, no matter what the situation.  He then recognized the urgent need for assistance with food, housing, clothing, transportation and social services for disabled and non-disabled veterans.  He felt obligated and decided to invest in a bigger and better plan, outreach housing for veterans.  He came up with a mission and a plan.

THE PLAN   Mr. Dye teamed up with his nephew, Clyde Bates and convinced him of the importance of the outreach project.  Mr. Dye and Mr. Bates purchased a building that could be used as a community housing for disabled and economically challenged veterans that could not afford current market rent.  He would also assist homeless veterans by offering them somewhere safe and secure to live, allowing circumstances to change for the better.

THE DREAM   Orlando Dye's dream was to have affordable housing for veterans who needed it in the community.  His dream was to make it affordable as well as accessible for disabled vets.  Unfortunately, Mr. Dye did not live to see his project and dream completed, but his nephew, Clyde Bates is carrying on his dream and make it become a reality.

OUR PROPOSAL   In order to complete the project, the Orlando Dye Foundation need funds to do necessary renovations to the building.  The estimated amount needed is approximately $25,000.00 This will allow the dream to become a reality, allowing veterans affordable housing in the community, just as Orlando Dye dreamed.

Contact Clyde Bates by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (773) 574-8389